This year the Gaming Zone offered something for everybody. Here you were able to find returning favourites, like the Retro Area but also newcomers that made 2023 another edition filled with novelty. The Cosplay Area dove deep into the world of Anime and Manga, and in the Free2play Area you were able to play your favorite games as long as you wanted.

Gaming Zone

BRZ Tetris Area


The BRZ is the IT market leader in the public sector and at the same time an exciting workplace for al IT talents, who want to develop applications and services for nine million people in Austria.

We develop and maintain Austria's eGovernment projects.

Do you want to play a round of Tetris Effect, the spacey new interpretation of the classic Tetris? Meet us at our booth and challenge our colleagues.

Austrian Armed Forces - Virtuality meets Reality

Bundesheer_Gefechtsfahrzeug Husar01[73]

The Austrian Armed Forces will also be presenting its diverse and specialized training, armored combat vehicles, and state-of-the-art equipment and devices as part of the "LEVEL UP" gaming and eSports festival. In the process, visitors can experience various highlights live on site in the information area of the Austrian Armed Forces in the Salzburg exhibition hall. These include two armored multipurpose vehicles "Husar and Dingo2", cyber security and cyber defense, a medical simulation system for wounded care, a shooting simulator, the equipment of the military police and much more.


In the fast lane with high speed: Your Tesla Gaming Experience powered by Salzburg AG


As a green tech company, Salzburg AG is combining high-performance high-speed Internet for gaming with another green tech business field for the first time this year: e-mobility. Drive one of the fastest production vehicles in the world and test a variety of video games on the most powerful gaming computer on 4 wheels at the Salzburg AG booth together with EVMoe.bility, the Tesla tuning company from Tyrol. Up to 10 teraflops of computing power enable gaming in the e-car at the same level as the latest gaming consoles. Salzburg AG provides the necessary Internet speed in the entire gaming area with a 10-gigabit fiber optic line. Minimal reaction times in the game and real-time gaming fun are waiting for you. Come by!

salzburg AG logo

Red Bull For The Win Area

Red Bull

Red Bull For The Win brings gamers to the big stage!

As part of LEVEL UP - The Gaming Festival, Red Bull For The Win was looking for Austria's best gaming talents who want to prove their skills in a unique showdown against pros on July 15.

Those who won the Qualfier were not only awarded with a place in the finals, but also received exclusive gaming coaching to push their skills to the next level.


Aircrasher DCS Exhibition Cup


This year, one of four drone races of the DCS Exhibition Cup took place at LEVEL UP. We were looking for the best pilots who were celebrated. Beginners and interested people were also welcome to dive into the world of Drone Racing.

Drone Championships, Drone Racing and FPV Racing? What's that?

The Quadcopter Racing, aka Drone Racing, is also called FPV Racing. "FPV" stands for „First Person View“. The drones are equipped with cameras, which send their images directly to VR sets of the pilots. During the race, the pilots don't watch the drones from the outside but navigate the little racers as if they were sitting inside the drone. The drones have to be navigated through a parcours and are usually more agile and manouverable than non-racing drones.

Alpine Gaming Fest und CardArena

LEVEL UP_FrankWimmer3

Here was the perfect place for offline games who want to play and chill with like-minded folks. Tabletop and card gaming tournaments were be happening here as well as board games, a trading card market and a lot more!

Cosplay Area

In the Cosplay Area from Animix you found everything around Anime, Manga and Japanese pop culture . Here you could meet your favorite Cosplay-Stars , show off your own cosplay or participate in the Cosplay-Contest yourself.

Free2Play Area by Emmi Caffé Latte


The Free2Play Area ist the place to be for everyone who wants to play a round or two .

Current titles and classics awaited you and challenged your skills in between Mainstage visits and chilling with exhibitors and friends. In the Free2Play Area these rules applied. 

These games and more were available:

  • Rocket League
  • Fortnite
  • Brawlhalla
  • Super Smash Bros. Ultimate
  • Fall Guys
  • League of Legends
  • Team Fight Tactics
  • Crabgame
  • Valorant

Indie Stage powered by Bonusworld


At the Indie Stage powered by Bonusworld exciting talks and presentations of indie games were held.



In the LEVEL UP Stream Letsplay4Charity presented part of the Mainstage program as well as gaming streams from well-known streamers and live interviews with exciting guests and exhibitors. Together with Letsplay4Charity we took a look behind the scenes and showed exclusively what is happening at LEVEL UP - The Gaming Festival.

The best thing: all live stream revenue and donations go directly to charitable projects!

LEVEL UP Challenge


In the LEVEL UP Challenge, 15 brand new and exciting quests awaited you again this year. The aim of this real-life challenge is to complete as many quests as possible and collect stamps. With at least 12 out of 15 collected stamps you can win one of many instant prizes and take part in the raffle for great main prizes. You can't solve one of the quests? Ask our Questmaster for help!

Retro Area


Pure nostalgia awaited you in our Retro Area. Here you could play the cult games of the past decades, browse through magazines and explore the world of games in the past. The following exhibitors were present in the Retro Area:

  • APC&TCP - Home of Amiga Future 
  • Digital Talk - Das deutsche Diskettenmagazin für den C64
  • DragonBox Shop
  • Dr. Wuro Industries
  • FlippArena by RS-Pinball
  • Gameplan
  • Look Behind You
  • RETURN Magazin featuring Kautzner Computer Museum
  • Vintage Computing Carinthia

More Gaming Zone Exhibitors:

  • A1 Glasfaser Experience
  • All for One Gaming Area
  • ASH - Austrian Superheroes
  • arplace - the world is our playground
  • Carrera
  • Commend International GmbH
  • Denuvo by Irdeto
  • FM4 Spielekammerl
  • FORUM 1 Gaming Area
  • Gamers Health
  • Icaros VR
  • Indie Games Area presented by FH Salzburg
  • Indie Stage powered by Bonusworld
  • K-Business Area
  • KTM Motohall
  • Letsplay4Charity
  • Morekats Rocket League Area
  • Meet #THESQUAD –
  • Munich eSports e. V.
  • Nespresso Roadshow
  • Nintendo Area 
  • OOE-Esports RIFT by Hosttech
  • Polizei Salzburg
  • S-Pass Jugendkarte
  • Streamhouse
  • Ucan.eSports & A-ONE
  • Virtual Dojo Vienna's Fighting Lounge
  • Virtual Reality Arena by LosKrochn
  • VulkanLAN's Retro Arcade Corner
  • W&H eSports Lounge