When and where is LEVEL UP 2023 going down?

LEVEL UP 2023 is happening on July 1 and 2, 2023, in the Salzburg Exhibition Centre.

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Where can I get tickets for LEVEL UP?

You can get the tickets for LEVEL UP 2023 here .

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Who can visit LEVEL UP?

Everybody can visit the event. Children unter the age of 12 can only attend when accompanied by an adult. There will be id checks due to age restrictions, when entering specific areas.

How old do I have to be?

There is no general age restriction for the festival. The will be some restricted games and areas. Therefore ids will be checked if you enter those areas. There will be very little restricted areas to give everybody a great festival experience.

Can I play myself at LEVEL UP?

Of course, you should. There are multiple free2play areas where you can play with or against your friends or strangers. In some areas pros might look over your shoulder and offer advice.

More questions?

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is the gaming and esports festival from Salzburg, which brings the community together in the real world. We gather to play together, marvel at the newest games and have fun with friends.

Gamers with ambition will find the perfect place to exchange with like-minded souls, mingle and build their network. LEVEL UP is the premier destination for gaming and esports.