Gaming Zone

Gaming in all its facets

The Gaming Zone has a wide range of activities for all fans of gaming and eSports. It's all about trying things out and playing games yourself. 

In the Gaming Zone, you will find all our exhibitors with a wide range of offers. You can compete against eSports pros, play a casual round with your friends, try out the latest hardware or find out more about future education and job opportunities from our exhibitors.

Hier findet ihr eine erste Übersicht aller Aussteller:

Artist Alley & Merchants

Creativity to take home

Everyone is guaranteed to find something in our area for artists and merchants! 

Artists and retailers from all over Europe present their products in the Artist Alley. Here you will find everything from the colorful world of comics, anime, manga and much more.

Hier findet ihr alle Artists und Händler:

Free2Play Area

Just play

The Free2Play Area invites you to simply play a round. 

Here you can find a wide range of Free2Play games to try out and test the latest hardware at the same time.

Tabletop & Trading Card Games

Epic battles & strategic duels

Here you will find everything your offline heart desires: board games, card games and exciting tabletop tournaments.

Take part in thrilling tournaments or enjoy a break from screens with a relaxed round of cards with your friends.

Hier findet ihr eine Übersicht aller Aussteller und Turniere der Tabletop & TCG Area:

Retro Area

pure nostalgia

The perfect area for anyone who finally wants to play the games of their childhood (or their parents' childhood) again. 

Pure nostalgia awaits you in the Retro Area: cult games on consoles from the previous century, pinball and arcade machines and much more.

Indie Games Area

Discover new games

In the Indie Games Area you can expect numerous games from independent, small developers from Austria and the rest of Europe.

Here you can talk directly to the developers, give them feedback on their games and maybe even add a game or two to your wish list.

Registration for indie developers is currently still open. If you are interested in presenting your game at LEVEL UP, please send an e-mail to

Food Area

LEVEL UP - The Food Festival

Numerous food trucks await you at LEVEL UP this year to provide you with culinary delights. 

Whether food trucks or bars, LEVEL UP has the right selection for all culinary preferences: Pizza, burgers, hot dogs, frozen yogurt, bubble tea and much more awaits you. Of course, there are also vegetarian and vegan options.