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The focus is on community here. Experience a diverse range of eSports, charity campaigns and interactive events. Meet like-minded people, exchange ideas and become part of a lively community that celebrates gaming and community involvement.

These are the exhibitors in the Community Area:



Experience LEVEL UP up close - streamed live by Letsplay4Charity! Our livestream takes you directly to the mainstage, to exciting gaming sessions by well-known streamers and to exclusive interviews with our guests and exhibitors.

Enjoy exclusive behind-the-scenes insights and support charity with every stream and every donation.


Raiffeisen Club Community Stage

LudeCat_c_Lina Jakobi

At the Raiffeisen Club Community Stage, the focus is on taking part! Simply drop by at the start of any program point and prove your talent or qualify in advance for one of our community tournaments.

You can find the entire timetable and information on how to take part here here.

Logo Raiffeisen Club 4c 2021

Fighting Games Area

LEVEL UP Smashfest 2023

Experience the exciting world of beat'em ups in the Fighting Games Area at LEVEL UP! Take part in the big Super Smash Bros. Ultimate tournament and fight for your place in the exciting final on the LEVEL UP Mainstage. Show off your skills in the Tekken 8 tournament and qualify for the Raiffeisen Club Community Stage. Or just come by and enjoy a round in one of the many other fighting games, such as Street Fighter 6, that this area has to offer.

VDV Logo 2
LEVEL UP Retro 2023

Other exhibitors in the Community Area

  • OOE-Esports
  • Munich eSports e.V.
  • DoT-LAN
  • Game2Help
  • Streamhouse
  • Meet #THESQUAD -
  • S-Pass Jugendkarte

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