LEVEL UP is constantly growing and would not be possible without dedicated volunteers. We are therefore very happy to welcome anyone who would like to take a look behind the scenes and get involved. As a thank you for your support, we also offer you some benefits.

Every volunteer who helps out on one of the two festival days (Saturday & Sunday) will receive the following from us:

  • free 2-day ticket
  • Volunteer shirt
  • free food & drinks on the day of the shift
  • free parking ticket
  • on request: confirmation & recommendation for your CV and direct contact to our partners for a job search

People who do not help during the festival days, but during the set-up and dismantling will not receive a volunteer shirt. People who help with set-up or dismantling in addition to a normal shift during the festival will also receive a goodie bag. It is not possible to help only with dismantling and this must be combined with a shift during set-up or a shift during the event.

The registration deadline is May 31. If you are unable to attend for any reason, please let us know as soon as possible so that we can look for a replacement. 

Depending on how many volunteers we have in the respective areas, the shifts will last between 4 and 6 hours. We will send you your exact schedule at least 2 weeks before the event. 

What are the requirements for volunteers?

To be a volunteer at LEVEL UP, you must be at least 16 years old. You should also have a good level of German (at least B2) and be motivated. Depending on the area of work, you should also be able to keep calm in stressful phases and be good at interacting with people. 

Can I choose where I want to help?

Yes, you can specify the areas in which you would like to help in the registration form. The more areas you select, the easier it will be for us to allocate the tasks. You are also welcome to explain in the field for further comments which area you would prefer. 

Can I see anything at all of LEVEL UP as a volunteer?

Of course! Our volunteers only help us for 4-6 hours on one of the two festival days. The rest of the time you can spend with your free festival pass at the festival site and enjoy the event. If you plan to take part in a competition or tournament (e.g. Cosplay Contest, LEVEL UP: BREAKOUT etc.), please indicate this in the comments field. As far as possible, we will try to take this into consideration when organizing the event. 

What do I get in return?

All volunteers who help on one of the two festival days (Saturday & Sunday) will receive the following benefits: 

  • free 2-day ticket
  • Volunteer shirt
  • free food & drinks 
  • free parking ticket if needed
  • on request: confirmation & recommendation for your CV and direct contact to our partners for a job search
  • a unique experience behind the scenes of a gaming festival

People who help us with set-up and dismantling in addition to a normal shift during the festival will also receive a goodie bag. 

Please understand that it is not possible to help only with dismantling. Volunteers must either help with set-up & dismantling or with dismantling and a normal shift during the event. 

What do I have to do in each area?

You can choose from the following areas for your shift: 

  • Set-up & dismantling: This includes all activities before and after the event, such as setting up monitors, wiring PCs, installing and testing games on PCs and much more. 
  • LEVEL UP Challenge & Merch: Here you support our Questmaster. You help visitors if they have questions about the quests, give stamps for completed quests, help visitors fill out the competition cards for the main prizes and give out instant prizes. You will also help with the sale of merchandise. To do this, you will operate our cash desk and explain the products to interested visitors. 
  • Entrance area: There are various volunteer teams in the entrance area. There are volunteers who assist with ticket control and issue the admission wristbands for the appropriate age and volunteers who assist with the checkroom. This is where jackets and bags are accepted and securely managed. It is important here that the items can be clearly assigned so that everyone gets their respective items back at the end. 
  • Area Support: Here you will support us in various areas and booths. Your tasks include showing visitors the games and assisting them with any questions they may have. You are also responsible for ensuring that the booth is kept clean and that no objects (e.g. small controllers) disappear. 
  • RunnerYou are flexible in your work and help wherever your help is needed. Possible tasks of a Runner could be filling up fridges in the VIP area, laying out festival maps at visible locations or providing support in other positions when things are stressful there. 
You have further questions?

Feel free to contact us directly on Discord or at levelup@mzs.at. We will be happy to help you. 

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ist das erste österreichische Gaming & eSport Festival, die Spieler, Spielefans, sowie Macher und Stars der Szene in einer interaktiven und erlebnisorientierten Atmosphäre zusammenbringt, um mit Freunden zu zocken, neue Trends zu erleben und die gemeinsame Leidenschaft zu feiern.