Almost three months before the two-day event, the new Salzburg gaming & eSports festival LEVEL UP publishes detailed program information, exhibitors, games as well as details on the schedule. Tickets are already available.

After last year's premiere, which was highly praised in the scene, LEVEL UP will enter its second round on July 1 and 2, 2022. Visitors can now get a first glimpse of the festival's eagerly awaited program.

On more than 16,000m2 - instead of 3,000m2 last year - four large, thematically sorted, areas are divided: Gaming Zone, Mainstage, LEVEL UP LAN and the FSK16+ Area.

The Gaming Zone: gaming and testing for everyone

The Gaming Zone it is all about trying out, experiencing, playing and having fun. Whether big or small, professional or hobby gamer, there is something for everyone in the Gaming Zone.

Visitors can plunge into virtual reality worlds together, solve puzzles there, playfully promote their own physical fitness or experience the fusion of VR and remote-controlled cars.

Things get futuristic at the Aircrasher Drone Masterwhere quadcopters and octocopters compete in exciting head-to-head races. In the meantime, mobile devices are played on in the A1 eSports Mobile Arena by ZTE until the touchscreens glow. There are also red-hot tires at the Salzburg AG, which celebrates an absolute gaming classic with Need for Speed.

© LEVEL UP / Aung Khant Maung
© LEVEL UP / Philipp Habring

For a drink or networking in the unique ambiance, inclined guests will find themselves in the Live Action Role Playing tavern, where successes and successful moves will be toasted. From there it goes on to the Cosplay Area of the Salzburg association AniSekai. Here everything revolves around anime, manga and Japanese pop culture. Those who want to burn off a few virtual calories can do so in the FIFA Lounge powered by FC Red Bull Salzburg & Raiffeisen and put their ball skills to the test virtually, but also physically.

Pure nostalgia awaits all those interested in the Retro Areawhere cult games can be tried out and the creativity of the developers of the 70s & 80s admired. Those who want to give their eyes a break from screens can do so in the Gamers Finest Tabletop Area & Card Corner with collectible cards and board games.

All details and a detailed listing of the exhibitors can be found on the page of the Gaming Zone.


The Mainstage: the stage Gaming & eSports deserves

The Mainstage The Mainstage is the heart of LEVEL UP. Here, eSports fans can cheer on top-class games and shows.

For the Mainstage the organizers of the Messezentrum Salzburg and the agency Rookies at Work put together a colorful potpourri of well-known tournaments and game titles. With Clash of Leagues by A1 eSports is a pan-European tournament format that is played on mobile devices. At eurofunk Smash Cup the best Super Smash Bros. Ultimate players in the country compete against each other. Also the Red Bull Solo Q National Qualifier will be held on the LEVEL UP stage for the first time this year. The winner will move on to the European and World Finals of the prestigious League of Legends 1 vs. 1 tournament.

High-class eSports action: On July 1 and 2, the best teams will come to Salzburg to play for victory in various tournaments. © LEVEL UP / Fabian Stoffers

At the Yu-Gi-Oh! LEVEL UP Open spectators get insights into the world of card trading tournaments, while at the AniSekai Cosplay Contest the best cosplayers of the scene present their costumes. A jury will evaluate the individual performances.

A special highlight is the livestream of the program, which will be hosted by Letsplay4Charity is being implemented on Twitch, with proceeds going to charity.

Even more information about the Mainstage as well as the registration for the tournaments can be found here.


The LEVEL UP LAN: the revival of LAN parties

The LEVEL UP LAN is the hotspot for group gaming. In the era of broadband internet, the tradition of LAN parties was born, where video game fans came together to play together and against each other. The LEVEL UP LAN brings back this sense of togetherness, offering both tournaments and free game time for those who like to play all day and night.

For all those who are competitive, there is even the chance to play their way to the finals in some of the tournaments, which will take place on the main stage in front of all the visitors. What will be played? Besides the shooter classic Counter Strike: Global Offensive there are tournaments in Rocket League - an action-packed car soccer game - as well as the increasingly popular Valorant. All three tournaments reward their winners with prize pools starting at €1,000, and additional tournament formats are already in the works.

More information about the LEVEL UP LAN and the registration can be found on the info page of the LEVEL UP LAN.

C64 to Gameboy: the Retro Area is made for lovers of devices and games from the 70s to 90s. © LEVEL UP / Lorenzo Herrera

The FSK16+ Area: the hotspot for games without youth rating

The FSK16+ AREA is a meeting place for lovers of games that are not suitable for all age groups. Things get a little rougher here and instead of banana peels and footballs, there are bullets, swords and axes.

Thus, friendships for the real world can be made at a regulars' table, tactical and technical skills can be trained, and small tournaments can be participated in. The exhibitors and partners in this area of the festival, which can only be entered with proof of age, primarily include regional and national eSports organizations such as Alpenfestung Esports, or the Streamhouse.

All details to the FSK16+ Area here.


New at LEVEL UP: food trucks and after parties

One innovation is the numerous bars and catering options. Because with two days full of action, the physical well-being must also be taken care of. No matter whether Food Trucks or bars, LEVEL UP presents a selection for all culinary preferences: Barbecue specialties and matching drinks for a barbecue mood, Argentinian street food with regional quality and vegetarian-vegan options.

Burgers, grilled food and vegan options: LEVEL UP is also a food fest this year!
© LEVEL UP / Paula Vermeulen

Also new are the daily afterparties and entertainment specials: a breakdance show, DJ interludes and other surprises. At the end of each festival day, visitors and exhibitors can party together until the early hours. Because, when the screens go out, the festival opens with the Jägermeister: Hirschrevier an afterparty of a special kind.

This is where visitors and gamers toast tournament victories, brilliant moves, new friendships, or just a perfect day in the world of gaming.


Click here for the program overview!



LEVEL UP is the first Austrian gaming and eSports festival that brings together gamers, gaming fans, as well as creators and stars of the scene in an experience-oriented atmosphere to experience new trends and celebrate the common passion.