• All participants must have a valid LEVEL UP Ticket. No tickets will be provided for the participants.
  • The performance is only possible as a solo performance
  • Costumes from comics, manga, anime, video games, TV series, movies and cartoons may be represented.


  • The stage must be kept clean (no use of water, paint, confetti, fireworks or similar on the stage)
  • Small props may be used that can be set up and taken down quickly and do not leave marks on the stage.
  • The props must be taken off the stage quickly and completely after the performance.
  • The props must stand on their own. Helpers or stage ninjas are not allowed.
  • Animals are not allowed on the stage.
  • No things may be thrown into the audience
  • The jury may not be involved in the performance
  • You will not have a microphone for your performance. However, you can make recordings beforehand and send them as mp3 to levelup@mzs.at
  • Audios, videos and recordings for the performance have to be either uploaded with the registration or sent to levelup@mzs.at at least one week before the event


  • The costume must be mostly self-made. This means that the main part of the costume has to be made by the participant or has to be modified (dyed, sewn, embroidered, rebuilt, painted or similar) to such an extent that it can be seen as a self-made costume.
  • Purchased stockings, shoes, accessories, headpieces, etc. are fine as long as they are not the main part of the costume
  • Any parts of the costume that are not self-made must be listed in the "Notes on Costume" section of the application form
  • The costume must not be too revealing and should cover the relevant parts of your body
  • Weapons, staffs, and hand props may be used on stage, but must comply with the applicable weapons rules of the event. No exceptions will be granted for performances.
  • Sexual, racist, offensive, and obscene acts, gestures, and expressions are not permitted, either in performance or on the costume itself



  • Regulated, fair and reasonable actions are the prerequisite for a successful competition, therefore we expect this from all participants.
  • The team on site must be obeyed
  • The stage may only be entered after being asked to do so and must be left again after the performance.
  • The performance is limited to a maximum of 120 seconds (2 minutes).
  • The evaluation of the costume will be done in advance by the jury members.
  • The performance itself is not judged and serves to present the costume to the audience.
  • Time and place for meeting for judging or performance will be announced in advance by mail. The participants have to arrive in time for this.
  • The participants agree that any photographic, audio and video material recorded during the performance may be used and distributed by the organizer without restriction and without compensation.



  • Any violation of these rules will result in exclusion or disqualification.
  • We reserve the right to carry out a preselection in case of too many registrations.
  • We reserve the right to exclude weapons or props from the performance if they do not comply with the weapon rules.
  • Violations of the rules, which become public only after the event, can result in the disqualification of received prizes. In this case, a claim for compensation may be made against the participants concerned.
  • Depictions of extreme violence, self-mutilation or sexual content are not allowed and will result in disqualification.
  • We reserve the right to change rules on site if necessary. However, the changes must be communicated to all participants immediately to give them the opportunity to adjust to the new situation.


Weapon rules

Prohibited weapons may not be brought onto the con grounds or into the hall. Anyone who tries to do so anyway risks having their ticket confiscated and being banned from the premises immediately. It is also irrelevant whether the owner is in possession of a valid weapons license, for example, which entitles him/her to carry this weapon. Prohibited weapons include e.g.

  • Real firearms, SoftAir and gas pistols (including unloaded and rendered inoperable), real or confusing ammunition (e.g., cartridges or hand grenades)
  • Pyrotechnics and explosive devices (firecrackers, rockets, etc.)
  • Throwing weapons (e.g. throwing stars, throwing arrows, throwing knives)
  • Brass knuckles, manslayers, steel rods
  • Strangle weapons (e.g. nunchucks)
  • Cutting and stabbing weapons with sharp or blunt metal blades or points (e.g., katanas, swords, sabers, machetes, hatchets, morning stars, knives of all types except pocket knives)
  • So-called prima facie weapons, firearms that can be mistaken for a real weapon (exception: at least 50% larger or smaller than the original, contain neon-colored materials).
  • Acoustic or light emitting anti-personnel devices
  • Laser pointer with an accessible emission limit of more than 1 mW
  • Chemical weapons (including irritant gas and pepper spray)
  • Items that are prohibited by Austrian law

Weapons that have passed the check may be used by you around the site for shoots and, by arrangement, may also be used for the cosplay contest. Please note, however, that if these weapons do not pass the check, they are prohibited on the premises, as they can lead to problems or be dangerous for others. If you are repeatedly seen with these weapons on the premises, this can lead to exclusion from the event. Objectionable weapons include:

  • Imitation weapons, where the predominant part is made of metal or wood / metal.
  • Weapon imitations that are larger than 1.5 m.
  • loose massive metal chains
  • Cutting and stabbing weapons with blade substitutes made of wood, plastic, etc. (e.g., katanas, swords, sabers, machetes, hatchets, knives of all kinds except pocket knives).
  • Rods or tubes made of hard materials such as metal, wood, hard plastic, fiberglass, and combinations thereof.
  • Riding crops over 1 m long, hand whips with tape measure over 1,5 m, rod whips with rod over 1m and tape measure over 1,5 m long
  • Arrows of all types, regardless of material
  • If you need a claimed weapon for the cosplay competition, please let us know. We will bring the weapon to the stage for you. Of course, prohibited weapons are excluded from this.


Permitted weapons may be carried by you during the entire event. These weapons will be marked by us with a ribbon. We will try to find a solution that is as inconspicuous as possible. The permitted weapons include:

  • Imitation weapons made of foam, rubber, cardboard, soft plastic and thermoplastic materials that in combination do not exceed 1.5m in length.
  • LARP weapons ("Live Action Role Play" - generally foam or latex replicas with stabilization core).
  • Throwing weapons, if they do not have a solid core and are made of soft, flexible materials.
  • Weapons and rods made of a combination of wood and/or cardboard/plastic/soft material (if the wood component does not predominate)
  • Blunted slash and thrust weapon imitations
  • Shields that are not mainly made of metal (up to a diameter of 80cm)
  • Rods for which it is clear that they are used only for stabilization
  • Bow (without real string up to 1.5m length) and quiver
  • Flexible and blunt arrows.
  • riding crops, whips (if not mentioned among the offending weapons)


If you have any questions, please contact levelup@mzs.at