Salzburg's Gaming & eSports Festival presents LEVEL UP NFTs and, as a pioneer in the event industry, combines digital art with real-world utility.

Blockchain and NFTs are an essential part of the advancing digitalization. The two-day Gaming- & eSports-Festival LEVEL UP is now entering this market as one of the first events in Austria. In addition to gaming action and eSports tournaments, there will thus also be dedicated NFTs for the first time from July 1-2 at the Messezentrum Salzburg. The 500 fastest visitors can pick up their NFTs for free and thus benefit from exclusive advantages in the future.

NFTs - what is that anyway?

Non-fungible tokens, or NFTs for short, are digital, unique items where the certificate of authenticity is already built in through the technical implementation on the blockchain. In the case of LEVEL UP NFTs, we are talking about digital art with a certificate. But the LEVEL UP NFTs can do even more.


LEVEL UP brings visitors together to celebrate the passion of gaming in all its facets. © LEVEL UP / Fabian Stoffers

Digital collectibles with exclusive benefits for loyal fans

The organizers of LEVEL UP - The Gaming Festival, the Messezentrum Salzburg and the event and marketing agency Rookies at Worksolve one of the central challenges in the NFT Space - the connection between the virtual and the real world. Because the owners of the NFTs not only have a picture in their wallet, but in the future real benefits at LEVEL UP.

The NFTs are collector's items that visitors and fans can use to show their support for the festival. Starting in 2022, a new limited edition of NFT artwork will follow each year for each edition of the event. In subsequent years, the NFTs or sets of NFTs can be exchanged for goodies or upgrades to one's LEVEL UP visit. These can be discounts on admission, gastro, participation in exclusive raffles, festival merchandise or other specials.

The LEVEL UP 2022 NFT collection

The Genesis Edition of LEVEL UP NFTs consists of 500 pieces of "LEVEL UP" projections in a futuristic setting. The NFTs exist in three different rarities. 60% of them "normal", 30% "rare" and only 10% "legendary". The three rarities can be clearly distinguished visually and each artwork bears the unique serial number on the base of the projector.

The Genesis edition of the LEVEL UP NFT collection: collectibles with real value for loyal visitors.

The LEVEL UP NFTs are a project of Messezentrum Salzburg, with Red Potion Studios and Rookies at Work. Red Potion Studios, the games division of Ruhrpott Blockchain Technologies, which is known for its flagship product AdaQuest are taking care of the technical implementation. The artwork comes from the design forge of the agency Rookies at Work.

How to get the LEVEL UP NFTs?

The fastest 500 visitors can pick up their LEVEL UP NFT for free at the event. For the entrance to the festival area a LEVEL UP Ticket is necessary. You need a so-called Cardano Wallet to pick it up - this is basically a digital wallet and can also be used free of charge. Those who don't yet know what to do with it will be helped on site at the AdaQuest booth.

Here, interested parties receive a QR code. Those who scan it will soon have their own LEVEL UP NFT in their digital wallet. Due to the limited number of pieces, it is advisable to get your own NFT early, i.e. on July 1, the first day of the festival. The AdaQuest team is looking forward to helping visitors take their first steps in the world of blockchain and NFTs.

The LEVEL UP NFTs are ready for the metaverse

In the metaverse, users no longer communicate on timelines or profiles. As avatars, they move around in virtual worlds, exchange ideas with friends, set up digital apartments or curate their own museum. As graphics, LEVEL UP NFTs are compatible with virtually all major Metaverse projects, so they can be hung on the wall for extra style in your own virtual 4 walls or traded on virtual marketplaces. The LEVEL UP NFTs are ready for your entry into the Metaverse. Are you?

The LEVEL UP NFTs can be virtually hung on the wall in the Metaverse, for example.



LEVEL UP is the first Austrian gaming and eSports festival that brings together gamers, gaming fans, as well as creators and stars of the scene in an experience-oriented atmosphere to experience new trends and celebrate the common passion.