In exactly one month, on June 29 and 30, LEVEL UP will take place for the fourth time, bringing together gamers, game fans, cosplayers, families and ambitious eSports enthusiasts in Salzburg in the usual manner. Find out everything you need to know about LEVEL UP here.

When LEVEL UP, then subtitled “The Gaming Arena”, first opened its doors in 2021 amidst global uncertainty, it brought light into the dark times of social distancing. It was more than a gaming event: it was a beacon for the gaming community yearning for real connection and shared play. Despite pandemic-related challenges, the debut was a resounding success and paved the way for the festival's rapid development. Today, known as “LEVEL UP - The Gaming Festival”, the event has firmly established itself with a diverse program of games, interactive workshops and panels. It attracts thousands of visitors and grows every year, hoping to break the impressive mark of 10,000 participants this year.

The Mainstage program makes gamers' hearts beat faster. © LEVEL UP / Lina Jakobi

eSports and Gaming

LEVEL UP - The Gaming Festival appeals to both eSports enthusiasts and amateur gamers. It offers top-class tournaments in games such as “Rocket League”, “Valorant” and “Super Smash”, which are played live in front of an audience. New this year is the Raiffeisen Club Community Stage, which encourages active participation. Here, visitors can test their skills in open tournaments in sports, retro and indie games and put their knowledge to the test in a new quiz show.

For the wider gaming community, LEVEL UP has a variety of areas that cover the entire spectrum of gaming. From retro gaming corners where you can play on consoles from the last century and pinball machines, to virtual battles, laser tag or bubble soccer in the action area. This variety ensures that every visitor, regardless of their preferences, has a great time at the festival.

Fun and innovation under one roof

LEVEL UP is once again family-friendly this year. Admission is free for children under the age of 12, those under 16 pay a reduced price. While parents, grandparents and children can explore the world of games and gaming-related entertainment together in the festival's open areas, the Free2Play Area offers a separate section where you can also find games that are not intended for children's eyes. Numerous different exhibitors offer entertainment and exciting information for all age groups.

The Indie Games Area, presented by FH Salzburg, offers an insight into the latest innovations from independent developers, allowing visitors to get in touch with them directly. LEVEL UP also brings innovation into play through its own NFT series, which not only has collector's value, but also offers tangible benefits such as free drinks or discounted tickets. These NFTs retain their value and can be reused annually.

Beyond the screens

Even if your eyes need a rest from the flickering screens, there is plenty to do and see at LEVEL UP. The entire area will be enchanted by cosplayers who will bring the heroes and anti-heroes from video games, films and anime to life with their self-made costumes and representations. The best of them will be chosen at the Cosplay Contest.

There is an Artist Alley where artists and traders from various fields offer their goods and services. Strolling through the Artist Alley is like walking through an art market and offers the opportunity to admire or purchase craftsmanship that is rarely seen elsewhere. In addition, the event offers areas for tabletop strategy games with titles such as Warhammer 40k, collectible card games such as Magic: The Gathering and board games that will enrich your next game night.

As part of the LEVEL UP Challenge, visitors can earn the chance to win great prizes and the treasured NFTs by solving mini tasks, known as quests. To do so, they have to solve puzzles, successfully complete games and master challenges.


Fans of offline games also get their money's worth at LEVEL UP © LEVEL UP / Frank Wimmer

Community meets social engagement

LEVEL UP - The Gaming Festival impressively demonstrates that the gaming community values far more than just individual gaming: it thrives in the company of like-minded people. This is not only evident in chats and livestreams, but also live on site. Regional and international companies recognize the potential of the event to make direct contact with a young, tech-savvy target group. They use this opportunity to attract not only gamers, but also future apprentices and programmers. In addition, the charitable aspect is reinforced by a livestream of the Letsplay4Charity association on Twitch, which has reached over 400,000 viewers annually and raised more than 10,000 euros in donations for charitable causes.

LEVEL UP 2024 will take place on June 29 and 30 at Messezentrum Salzburg. Tickets are available at