The alpenScene CS:GO tournament announces a historic prize pool of € 6,500, which will be played out at the LEVEL UP Mainstage on July 1-2, 2022.

alpenScene reports back with "Road to LEVEL UP". After the successful Staatscup series, for the first time a purely Austrian competition will be abandoned and the gates will be opened for international teams. The "Road to LEVEL UP" will be the most spectacular tournament format in the history of the club so far.

It doesn't get more exciting than this: Last year, the spectators at LEVEL UP experienced a CS:GO showmatch in which Wooky eSports only narrowly edged out Salzburg-based team Morekats Gaming.
© LEVEL UP / Fabian Stoffers

In three qualifiers, the teams have the opportunity to qualify for the semi-finals at LEVEL UP's LAN party. The two online qualifications, which are held via the market leader FACEIT, ensure that no room is left for cheating and other fraud. Furthermore, both qualifications are completely under the motto: "Losing forbidden". In a Single-Elimination-Bracket the teams have to play to their maximum in every match to avoid having to pack their bags early. The first qualification will take place on June 4 and all teams from the European region get the opportunity to prove their skills. On 18 June then follows the qualification for Austrian teams..

The links to the qualifiers:
EU Qualifier June 4-5
Austria Qualifier: June 18-19
3rd qualifier: Directly on the LEVEL UP LAN

The winners of the respective tournament qualify directly for the semi-finals. The runners-up will get LAN tickets for LEVEL UP. At the LAN itself, two more semi-finalists will be searched for. A total of over 6,500 euros in prize money is being fought for. The final will be held on the LEVEL UP stage in front of spectators to determine the winner of the Road to LEVEL UP.

All tournaments will be broadcast on the Twitch channel

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LEVEL UP 2022 Program


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