1. General

These rules are the basis for the LEVEL UP SMASHFEST, which takes place in the game "Super Smash Bros Ultimate". All participants agree to these rules explicitly and without exception after registration.

1.1 Players & Accounts

All players who want to participate in the LEVEL UP SMASHFEST have to register on start.gg (https://www.start.gg/tournament/level-up-smashfest/).

Any additional free accounts required for the tournament (e.g. for external tournament platforms) must be created by the players themselves.

1.2 Eligibility to participate

The LEVEL UP SMASHFEST is open to all players as long as the following points do NOT apply:

  • Individuals who are specifically excluded based on Nintendo's policies

  • Individuals who have been excluded by the tournament organizer or by the event organizer

  • Referees and admins are not allowed to participate in the tournament.

  • Individuals who have not reached the age of 16.

1.3. Players & Teams

Participation in the LEVEL UP SMASHFEST is only possible for individuals. It is possible to participate on behalf of an organization such as a club or a company. However, each player is the direct contact for the tournament organizers, even if playing for an organization/company. Players must fulfill the following duties and responsibilities:

  •  Participation in all tournament games

  •  Communication with tournament officials and other players

  • If additional information is requested by the tournament management, it must be submitted within 7 days (e.g. player portraits, club logos, etc.).

1.4. Team and player names

The tournament management reserves the right to exclude teams and individual players from the competition on the basis of their chosen name. This regulation applies for example in the following cases:

  • Violation of ethical principles and good manners

  • Name sponsorship in connection with tobacco, alcohol, gambling or pornography

  • Insults

  • Unpronounceable names and chords

With the exception of serious violations of ethics and morality, a grace period for renaming will usually be given. In addition, sponsors in team names may be reviewed by the tournament organizer within the scope of this regulation if they endanger the interests and partners of this league or the publisher.

1.5. Behavior

All players participating in the LEVEL UP SMASHFEST agree to abide by the following rules of conduct:

  • Fair and respectful conduct is a requirement.

  • Discriminatory or aggressive remarks and actions will not be tolerated and will result in immediate disqualification.

  • Tampering with existing equipment, consoles and controllers without the express permission of the tournament management is strictly prohibited.

  • Players who unfairly interrupt, delay or hinder the game will be disqualified from the tournament.

2. Game Settings

Matches must be played on the current version of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate from Nintendo. Only the use of original Nintendo Switch controllers as well as Gamecube controllers and Nintendo Switch Pro controllers is permitted. The use of third-party hardware that enables the setting of macros is prohibited and may lead to exclusion.

2.1. Game Settings

The players who are listed first in the pairings must create a lobby with the following settings (if not already present):

  • rules: Stock

  • Stocks: 3

  • Round time: 7 minutes

  • Customizing: Off

  • Handicap: Off

  • Damage Ratio: 1.0

  • Stage selection: Free

  • Friendly Fire: On

  • Pause function: On (at the request of both players: Off)

  • Damage display: On

  • Items: Off

  • Stage Hazards: Off

Game 1:

Both players name their character before banning the stages.

Start the set with a round of Rock, Paper, Scissors.

Winner bans 3 stages out of the stage list.

Opponent chooses 2 out of the remaining six stages.

Winner chooses on of the two stages to play on.

Game 2-5:
Indicate if you are changing your character.

Winner names new character first.

Winner bans 3 stages.

Opponent chooses on of the remaining six stages.

2.2. Stages

  1. Battlefield

  2. Small Battlefield

  3. Final Destination

  4. Yoshis Story

  5. Pokemon Stadium 2

  6. Smashville

  7. Town & City

  8. Karlos Pokemon League

  9. Hollow Bastion

2.5. Match Report & Screenshots

Each player is obliged to report the result after the end of the game to one of the TOs. These will then be confirmed and entered by the TO. In case of dispute or doubt, the TO must decide.

2.6. Spectator

If it is a live broadcast, the caster will watch and comment on the game via the game lobby. In addition, referees have the right to watch the game. External spectators are normally not allowed. Exceptions can be requested from the tournament management with justification.

2.7. Preparation time

The setup must be done before the official round time so that the players are ready to play at the start time of the match. The setup time is 10 minutes. The players should check if they are optimally prepared and observe the following:

  • Log in with the correct account

  • Create the lobby according to specifications (point 2.1.).

  • Communicate the lobby code with opponents and referees.

  • Give ready signal to opponent and to the tournament management

  • Disregard of the preparation time will be penalized with a warning, which may lead to increasing penalty points in case of repeated occurrence.


2.8 Technical failure equipment

If a player notices a problem with the equipment provided by the tournament organizer during the preparation time, this must be reported immediately to the referee so that the equipment manager can take care of it. If the problem is not solved within 30 minutes, the tournament management will decide how to proceed. The tournament management must inform the players every 30 minutes about the situation and the measures taken.

2.9 Valid Game (VG)

A valid game is one in which both players have loaded into the game, passed the lag test, and moved for the first time in the actual game. Once a game has reached VG status, restarts are no longer allowed and the game is considered official. After the VG announcement, restarts are only allowed in exceptional circumstances.

3. prizes and penalties

3.1. Prizepool

For the LEVEL UP SMASHFEST a prize pool of 1.500 € is planned. The distribution will be as follows:

  • 1st place: 600 €

  • 2nd place: 300 €

  • 3rd place: 200 €

  • 4th place: 150 €

  • 5th/6th place: 75 € each

  • 7th/8th place: 50 € each


3.2. Payment

The prize money will be paid out by the organizer directly to the players. For the payment of the prize money, an invoice must be submitted by the players. The payment of the prize money will be made within 90 days after invoicing.

Disqualified players are not entitled to prize money.

3.3. Strafpunkte

Strafpunkte können für unsportliches, unehrliches und negatives Verhalten vergeben  werden. Das ausgezahlte Preisgeld wird für jeden Strafpunkt um 50 € reduziert. Übersteigen die Strafen das ausgezahlte Preisgeld, müssen Spieler:innen keine Nachzahlung leisten - es wird lediglich kein Preisgeld ausbezahlt. Die Verteilung der Strafpunkte liegt im Ermessen der Schiedsrichter:innen und ist mit der Projektleitung abgestimmt.

Ab 4 Punkten kann es zu einer Disqualifikation kommen!

4. Penalty behavior

4.1. Delay

If a player is not ready to play at the start time of the specified round, he will receive penalty points and a grace period. After this grace period has expired, the player's current game is considered lost.

  • Unjustified delay:

    • 1 penalty point; 10 minutes grace period. After that the game is considered lost.

  • Technical problems:

    • 15 minutes grace period. After that, the game is considered lost.

4.2. Gameaccount

Each participant is obliged to use his/her own account for the tournament, which has been announced to the tournament organizer (tournament website). It is forbidden for the participants to pass on the accounts or to let someone else play on their own account.

Penalty for violation: disqualification


4.3 Other

In general, tournament admins are instructed that a warning must be given before punishment. Depending on the case, this can be omitted in the case of special violations (racism, cheating, etc.).

5. Contact

By registering, players agree that the contact details provided may be used at any time by the tournament administration for contacting them in connection with the LEVEL UP SMASHFEST.

These are, for example, messages via e-mail, SMS, Discord, ingame client or, for particularly urgent matters, telephone calls.

In addition, by registering for the LEVEL UP SMASHFEST, players agree that their contact details may be used by the tournament administration to send them information relevant to the theme. This consent can be revoked in writing at any time.

The players expressly agree that in the context of the tournament photo and video material may be knowingly made. This will be published by the operators of the LEVEL UP SMASHFEST. The produced content may also be used by the partners and by external media under indication of the source.